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Vol. 14 #5 (November/December 1996) -- Quebec and the Church (New)
Vol. 14 #4 (September/October 1996) -- Computers, Catholics and Communication
Vol. 14 #3 (July/August 1996) -- Summer Medley
Vol. 14 #2 (May/June 1996) -- New Spiritualities
Vol. 14 #1 (Mar/Apr 1996) -- The Twentieth Century Part 7: The 1960s
Vol. 13 #6 (Jan/Feb 1996) -- Christmas Pot-Pourri
Vol. 13 #5 (Nov/Dec 1995) -- Development Upside-Down
Vol. 13 #4 (Nov/Dec 1995) -- Culture of Life/Culture of Death

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